Brand: Steelcase

Steelcase Inc
Arbeitstische und Schreibtische (Table and Desk Systems), Modelle: Activa - Desk, B-Free - Table, B-Free - Desk, Flip Top - Table, Frame One-Table*, FrameFour, Frisco-Table, Kalidro-Table, Ology-Desk*, Ology Bench*, Quba Vitesse-Table, TalkTime-Table, Tenaro- Table, Touch Down-Table, Verb-Table; Melaminbeschichtung oder Furnier (Melamine tops or Veneer tops) *ohne antimicrobielle Oberflächen (excluding antimicrobial surfaces)
Stauraum-Möbel (Storage Systems), Modelle: FlexBox - Storage, HD (Apothekerschrank) - HD Storage unit, Implicit, Melamine Ped - Storage, Moby2 - Storage, Moby Catering - Storage, Share It - Storage; Melaminbeschichtung oder Furnier (Melamine tops or Veneer tops)
Migration Desk, Migration bench, height adjustable office desks
Greater movement. Better thinking. Providing workers with environments that support wellbeing is essential to the success of an organization. MigrationTM height-adjustable desk/bench allows users to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and...
Steelcase Migration SE, height adjustable office desk, surfaces: melamin- and powder coating
The Migration SE height-adjustable desk and bench delivers flexibility, value and user wellbeing.Supporting a broad range of applications, its modular kit of parts provide flexibility for organizations looking for ways to update, reuse and improve the desirability of their space over time.