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Steelcase office furniture; storage furniture; surfaces: melamine resin coating; models according to the appendix.

Product information of the company:

This certificate regroups various office furniture products from Steelcase, focusing here on storage solutions. You can find the different products listed here, along with a short description :


  • Implicit :
    • Implicit pedestals offer personal storage for the full range of office settings.
  • Flex Active Frames :
    • Steelcase Flex Active Frames are adaptable structures that define space by creating productive, flexible and inspiring homes for teams.
  • Moby 2 Storage :
    • Moby is a versatile, mobile storage unit. It can be personalised inside and out with lot of accessories to organise work tools the way people like it.
  • Moby Catering :
    • Catering Moby is designed to hold everything needed for a successful meeting: from cups and saucers, to glasses and cutlery, plus all snacks and beverages.
  • High Density Storage :
    • High Density Storage extends the workspace by offering storage near the workstation. It can be used as a space divider, structuring personal and team workspaces.
  • Share It :
    • Share It supports individuals and groups with hardworking storage solutions that offer workers choice and control over their environment.


Brand: Steelcase

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