Paper sample book Printing papers (i.e. papers for printed products such as brochures, books, magazines and posters)

Druckpapiere Papiermusterbuch
If you need assistance in choosing the right Blue Angel printing paper for printed materials, the paper sample book will help you by providing a comprehensive overview of the Blue Angel certified printing papers available in Germany.

Paper sample book Printing paper

  • Papers certified according to DE-UZ 14a Graphic papers and cardboard made from 100% recovered paper (recycled paper and cardboard) or according to DE-UZ 72 Printing and press paper (mainly from recovered paper)
  • Extensive selection of office papers from various suppliers (manufacturers and retailers)
  • Representation of the different surfaces (coated/uncoated), whiteness (ISO 60-100) and grammages (70-300g/m²)
  • Information on available whitenesses and grammages
  •  Information on surface, opacity, volume, format, printing process, manufacturer information, further notes