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Environmentally friendly underwater coatings and other anti-fouling systems (DE-UZ 221)

A webinar on underwater coatings will take place on 21 March 2024.

The submerged part of a ship will over time become overgrown with water organisms such as algae, barnacles or muscles. To prevent this from happening, an anti-fouling coating containing biocides is usually applied to the hull of the ship. The poisonous biocides are systematically released from the coating and this results in continuous pollution of the environment. There are various non-biocidal anti-fouling systems that can be used as an alternative, e.g. non-stick coatings, ultrasound systems or cleaning systems. However, some of these alternative anti-fouling systems do not provide sufficient protection and can also contain substances with properties that are harmful to the environment and health.

The aim of the new ecolabel is thus to certify those non-biocidal anti-fouling systems that are both effective and also environmentally friendly. In combination with an obligation to provide information on the safe and correct use of the product, the ecolabel guarantees that end consumers receive an effective and environmentally friendly product.

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