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Energy-Efficient Routers (DE-UZ 160)

Energy-efficient and Durable Routers

Surfing the Net with the Blue Angel

It is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet nowadays. 88 percent of all private households in Germany have access to the Internet. To this end they need networking equipment that is usually on around the clock.

The Blue Angel eco-label may be awarded to particularly energy-efficient routers that automatically switch to “Idle” state when not in use. Unused interfaces are automatically disabled or can be fully turned off by the user in order to reduce energy consumption.

To ensure the longest possible service life for the devices Blue Angel eco-labelled routers can rely on guaranteed software updates and repair services. Easy data deletion and product take-back offered by the manufacturer allow the reuse of the router when the device is no longer needed in the household.

And when the router is finally recycled the design optimised for recycling makes sure that 90 percent of the plastics and metals used in the housing parts can be recycled.

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