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Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastics (DE-UZ 30a)

Recycling Plastics, recycled Plastics, recycled polymers, office equipment, waste bins, recycling bins, plastic buckets, plastic pots, plastic containers, watering cans, garden tabels, garden chairs, palisades, fences, lawn grids, playground equipment, compost silos, composters, film products, sheet products, garbage bags, carrier bags, protective sheets, protective tarpaulins

Recycled plastic - a plastic with a past and a future

Plastic is a valuable material since it is made from one of our most valuable resources: oil. Therefore, recycling of plastics helps to conserve this raw material and to reduce the piles of waste. Every day, we buy and use products which have been manufactured from recycled plastics: What had been a yoghurt cup yesterday may very well be a practical carrier bag or a strong garbage bag today.

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