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Environmentally Friendly Car Sharing (DE-UZ 100)

I don’t need to buy a car!

Car sharing offers significant potential for reducing the impact that traffic has on the environment and enables people to use a car without having to possess a vehicle of their own. Integrating car sharing into an environmental transport network consisting of public transport, cycling and walking is ideal for guaranteeing needs-based interconnected mobility services. Especially in cities and conurbations, the use of these services eases the burden on the public traffic system and reduces traffic-related air pollution.

The technical criteria for the car sharing fleets are designed to reduce air pollution that is harmful to health. Limit values for NOx and particulate emissions are imposed, which have to be complied with by newly purchased vehicles. This ensures the gradual modernisation of car sharing fleets because old diesel vehicles are systematically replaced by low-emission vehicles. In order to promote electromobility, a quota has been set for the integration of electric vehicles into the fleet owned by the car sharing operator.