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weber.floor 4095

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weber.floor 4095 Alpha-Fließspachtel is a factory-made, calcium sulphate-bound, polymer-modified flow filler.

weber.floor 4095 Alpha-Fließspachtel can be installed manually or mechanically on various substrates and forms a load-bearing, low-stress substrate for all common floor coverings. Also for domestic bathrooms and cellars with appropriate waterproofing, but not for wet rooms. For interior use.

EMICODE EC 1 Plus: very low emission
very good machine workability
can be used on heated floor constructions
suitable for chair castors from 2 mm layer thickness for chair castors according to DIN EN 12 529
Particularly low tension
very suitable for calcium sulphate and mastic asphalt screeds
self-venting - no spiked roller required

Brand: weber.floor

Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH

Schanzenstr. 84
40549 Düsseldorf