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weber.floor 4031 Fließspachtel plus

Product information of the company:

weber.floor 4031 Fließspachtel plus is a factory-produced cementitious and polymer-modified flow filler.

weber.floor 4031 Fließspachtel plus can be applied manually or mechanically to various substrates and forms a load-bearing substrate for all common and even demanding floor coverings. Application indoors.

EMICODE EC 1 Plus: very low emission

RAL-UZ 113/Environmentally friendly because of low emissions (Blue Angel)

Very good machine workability
can be applied mechanically and ergonomically with the weber bee and silo
Can be walked on early
Can be laid quickly
can be used on heated floor constructions
suitable for chair castors from 1 mm layer thickness for chair castors according to DIN EN 12 529
for shear-resistant parquet bonding from 2 mm layer thickness
for high loads
low shrinkage and tension
high yield
self-venting - no spiked roller required

Brand: weber.floor

Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH

Schanzenstr. 84
40549 Düsseldorf