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WAKOL Z 636 Ausgleichmasse

Product information of the company:
Area of application Self-levelling, cement-based levelling compound for treating unevenness in layer thicknesses of 1 to 10 mm unextended under textile flooring and elastic flooring indoors. As of 2 mm layer thickness also underneath parquet. Can be applied with a rakel. Can be pumped. Low in chromate according to REACH.
Mixture approx. 6.25-6.5 l water + 25 kg Z 636
Consumption approx. 1.5 kg/m²/mm application thickness
Setting time suitable for walking after approx. 2h; ready for laying up to 5 mm after 24 h; up to 10 mm after 48 h
Pot life approx. 25 minutes
unextended 1-10 mm
extended -
Storage information store in a cool and dry place
Base special cement
CE marking
EN 13813: CT-C35-F7

Brand: WAKOL

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Wakol GmbH

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