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Schneider Reco, Mine Eco 725

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Ballpoint pen Reco convinces with its particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving production. The body is made of 92% recycled plastic. The streamlined dynamic design in combination with its matte satin surface creates a clean yet elegant appearance. The Reco is available in three different barrel colours: white, black and dark blue. The stable, reinforced clip enhances the dynamic appearance of the Reco. Reco is equipped with a replaceable giant Eco 725 M refill, whose barrel is also made of recycled plastic, conserving finite resources


The refill is available in the writing colours black or blue. The writing colour can be easily recognised at the push button of the ballpoint pen.


The writing colours black and blue are waterproof according to ISO 12757-2. Due to the pleasantly light and constant ink flow, Reco ensures a clean and comfortable writing and can be replaced with any of the other "Plug+Play" refills.


Brand: Schneider

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Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH

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