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Profim Xenon Swivel with fabrics Madley, Nexus, String, Evo, Next, Step, Runner, Fame, Synergy, (no leather)

Product information of the company:

Our experience in logistics and our innovative product development process inspires us to design products which can be produced as simply as possible. During the process we were very thoughtful to do more with less materials, fewer product parts and made sure that all functions are reliable. This ensures a high-level of productivity and short lead times, despite the multiple Xenon chair variants on offer. We are aware of our environmental responsibility, so our product must be easy to dismantle and generated wastes need to be easy to manage responsibly at the end of the product’s life cycle. The principle of a single correct working position at a desk does not exist. It is always the next seating position that is the appropriate one. Sitting dynamically and ensuring constant movement are crucial nowadays to maintaining a healthy spine. An ergonomic chair should intuitively follow and adapt itself to your movements. It‘s unique features should make sitting at a desk a pleasure and also directly contribute to your productivity.

The flexible upholstered backrest provides dynamic support that can adapt to your body as you change your working position.

To maximize your back support you can easily adjust the height of the lumbar support. Two handles on the backrest let you slide the lumbar support to your ideal position

Brand: Flokk

Flokk Sp. z o.o

ul. Górnicza 8
62-700 Turek
Daria Łuczak