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Flokk Giroflex 40, gemäß Anhang

Product information of the company:

Giroflex 40 is an elegant, energizing contribution to a workplace environment. Designed by ITO-Design, with lines incorporating the trademark Giroflex synchro-mechanism & dual-zone seating philosophy to the chair, whilst emphasizing a more approachable and intuitive approach to office seating.

The visual design language is delicately forwarded from classics like the giroflex 313 and giroflex 353. Rounded edges, wrap around mesh and subtle controls offer an aesthetic simplicity more commonly found in the home, whilst under the hood, there is a powerful seating machine offering comfort, support, and a first-class sitting experience.

The resulting is an approachable and timeless chair that can easily be adapted between individuals and endure the workload of office use as well as providing enough comfort for the home office.

Brand: Flokk

Flokk Sp. z o.o

ul. Górnicza 8
62-700 Turek
Daria Łuczak