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Profim VIOLLE Swivel with fabrics Madley, Nexus, String, Evo, Next, Step, Runner, Fame, Synergy, (no leather)

Product information of the company:

The Violle chair was inspired by the violin - their excellent, a well-thought-out line, every detail that plays a specific role. All the elements, both in the violin and in the chair Violle, serve one purpose - to achieve the highest degree of functionality. The timelessness of both violins, as well as Violle chairs, is hidden in their pure form through evolutionary changes determined not only aesthetic, but above all practical. We can work comfortably and efficiently everywhere, not only in the office, but also in your own home. Viola combines ergonomically advanced solutions with attractive design, thanks which will be found in every interior. Levers are intuitive to use and take into account everyone's needs users. There are embossings in the tongue on the mask Braille, allowing you to use all the functionalities chairs for the blind and visually impaired. iolle is a carefully thought-out product in which they play an equal role practical and visual values. The entire adjusting mechanism is hidden under aesthetic grille. The levers are located under the seat so so that they can be used in a natural way - they are easily accessible, and at the same time do not disturb its harmonious and elegant silhouette. Violle is a beautiful and most accessible vision of the future - a vision office spaces that are not only practical but also stylish. Modern, clean line of the chair, perfect proportions and noble materials make Violle a real decoration.

Brand: Flokk

Flokk Sp. z o.o

ul. Górnicza 8
62-700 Turek
Daria Łuczak