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Product information of the company:

PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T is a concentric, dimensionally accurate, one-sided pipe section that is laminated with a mesh-reinforced aluminum foil and closed by a self-adhesive overlap. It is particularly suitable for insulating heating and service water systems, solar systems and pipes in industrial facilities; it can also be used to produce pipe insulation with fire resistance classes R30 to R120 that can be verified under building law.


PAROC Hvac Combi AluCoat T is a concentric, dimensionally accurate stone wool pipe section laminated with a grid-reinforced aluminum foil, a self-adhesive overlap and slotted on one side. All pipe dimensions (combustible and non-combustible pipes) between 12 mm and 48 mm can be insulated thanks to the pre-assembled, star-shaped inner diameter with just 4 pipe shell sizes.


PAROC Hvac Bend AluCoat T are pre-convection fittings made of stone wool laminated with a grid-reinforced aluminum foil; they are used for the time-saving assembly of bends of smaller pipe dimensions.


PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat is a light, effective lamella mat made of stone wool that is laminated on one side with a grid-reinforced aluminum foil. For quick and effective insulation of large pipe dimensions as well as containers and duct systems.

Brand: Paroc



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