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Paroc Hvac Mat AluCoat Paroc Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat FIX

Product information of the company:

PAROC Hvac Mat AluCoat is a light and very flexible mat made of stone wool, which is laminated on one side with a grid-reinforced aluminum surface. Advantages arise from the lying fiber structure, which gives the mat greater flexibility and, thanks to its high compression behavior, larger packaging contents.

Particularly suitable for insulating heating and service water systems, air conditioning ducts and ventilation pipes, pipes in industrial systems as well as containers and apparatus.


PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat Fix is ​​a non-combustible lamella mat made of stone wool for thermal insulation of air conditioning and ventilation ducts. The mat is laminated with a grid-reinforced aluminum foil and on the opposite side there is a high-adhesion acrylic film, which enables quick and efficient installation on the surfaces to be insulated.


Tensile strength (adhesive behavior) tested based on EN 1607:2013 - FIW Munich

Brand: Paroc



Heidenkampsweg 51
20097 Hamburg
Rico Koziul