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NorX- improved newsprint paper

Product information of the company:

NorX improved newsprint has been developed to address the specific requirements of heat set web offset (HSWO) printers. This improved newsprint is available in reels. It has a surfaced appearance, a satin finish and high bulk, all of which contribute to very good print rendering, even with the lowest basis weights.

NorX is an innovative alternative, offering unparalleled value, and is suitable for printing advertising brochures and inserts, supplements, catalogues.

High-quality newsprint that cares for the environment

NorX fulfils all the requirements for sustainable development. NorX is made from two-thirds recycled fibres and one-third new fibres. The wood used is derived from forestry by-products, thinning wood and sawmill chips that is exclusively sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

  • Printing method: heat set web offset
  • ICC-Profile: Fogra 42L.txt (PSO_SNP_paper_eci.icc / ISO12647-3:2015)
  • Finish: matt
  • Composition: recycled and new fibres
  • Reel width: 300 to 2860 mm
  • Diameter: up to 1500 mm
  • Cores: 76 and 150 mm

Storage and handling

  • Humidity in the storage area: 50%.
  • Temperature in the storage area: between 19 and 23°C.
  • In case of non-air conditionned storage area, a stabilisation period of 48 hours is required in the print room.
  • Please open the protective wrapping just before using the reel.

Brand: NorX

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