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KETTLITZ-Medialub 5220 CLP

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KETTLITZ-Medialub 5220 CLP, based on vegetable oils, is free of synthetic and mineral oils and highly biodegradable.

Medialub 5220 CLP meets the criteria of the German certification for environmentally beneficial products, the “Blue Angel” (RAL-UZ 178) and is implemented in the data base of FNR (see

Special additives prevent the resinification tendency of the vegetable oil used. The vegetable oil itself has already good lubricating effect which is optimized by addition of special additives. Abrasion, wear and corrosion of rotating metal parts are almost eliminated.

Good properties at low temperatures enable this bio-oil to work even under extreme winter conditions.

Medialub 5220 CLP can be used as a gate saw oil for the lubrication of transport chains, bearings, bolts, joints and sliding guides. If the viscosity is not prescribed by the machine manufacturer, this depends on the type of individual lubrication spots.

The high degradation rate enables this oil to be used in protected areas, and especially in application with steady loss of lubricant.

For the eco-label "Blue Angel" according to RAL-UZ 178 the proportion of renewable raw materials was determined with the DIN method CEN / TS 16137 (DIN SPEC 91236). The value is about 95%.

Medialub 5220 CLP cannot be mixed with synthetic or mineral oil, i. e. before using them lubrication equipment (dosing station, storage containers, dispenser equipment, etc.) has to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly.

Brand: Kettlitz

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