Cetex PreCoPET, PreCoFILL, Polyester Stapelfaser solid recyclet (PreCoPET), Polyester Stapelfaser filling recyclet (PreCoFILL)

Product information of the company:

Our PreCo fibres are mainly made from recycled PET bottles and, where appropriate, recycled secondary products from the polyester industry. The re-use of the pre consumed PET raw materials develops the PreCo articles into sustainable, environmentally friendly products. In this case, the raw materials are not disposed to cause, neither emissions nor do they pollute the environment in the form of plastics in the ocean or in the landscape.

For these guaranteed and traceable characteristics,  PreCoPET® and PreCoFILL® received the EU Ecolabel certification and the blue angel certificate. These labels certify that PreCofibres support a sustainable environment and the high appreciation of our planet.


Benefits to the Environment

  1. environmentally friendly production
  2. tested for pollutants
  3. social criteria in the raw materials extraction and end production