Paper that helps save money and spare the environment
To dry your hands, as a hygiene paper or for body care – there is a great demand for paper in bathroom and toilet. Those who use products made from waste paper instead of virgin fibres act with vision. Such action does not only contribute to a reduction of the volume of waste but also helps to conserve wood resources. In addition, products made from post-consumer papers often do much better than products made from virgin fibres not only from the ecological perspective but often also from the financial point of view – offering comparable properties of use.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low use of energy and water in the manufacturing process
  2. made from 100% waste paper
  3. particularly low level of harmful materials

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Abena A / S (2)
C'Fold towels 25x31 1ply natural - handtowels
CareNess eco 20,6x24 1ply - Handtowels
Alsco Berufskleidungs-Service GmbH, Germany (1)
Handtuch ALSCO Natur 1-lagig
Antalis AG, Switzerland (2)
Antalis - C-Fold Line Basic, 1-lagig 287443
Antalis - C-Fold Line Plus, Tissue Falthandtuch 2-lagig 283004
Cartaseta - Friedrich + Co, Switzerland (6)
Handtuchkrepp 35 g/m²
Handtuchkrepp 40 g/m²
Krepp Falthandtücher Plus
Oeco Swiss - Krepp Falthandtücher 35g
Oeco Swiss - Krepp Falthandtücher 40g
Oeco Swiss Plus - Falthandtücher 2-lagig
Cleanagent Mehlfeld & Göring GmbH, Germany (1)
Clean Agent RC Krepp Papierhandtücher V/C-Falz
Clinicare Supplies Limited, Great Britain (1)
Certus 20,6x24 1ply blue - Handtowels
Contreda-Papier GmbH, Germany (1)
Cilan HTP 25x31, 25x23 and 25x50 natur 1ply - Handtowels
Essential Supplies (Ireland) Ltd., Ireland (1)
Essential 20,6 x 24 1ply blue - Handtowels
Essity Hygiene and Health AB, Sweden (1)
Tork Matic Green HTR Adv 2p 150m - Handtowel Tissue Roll
Essity Operations Mainz-Kostheim GmbH, Germany (4)
290283 Tork Green Singlefold HAT C&C Handtowel
66340 ProfiLINE S&S Singlefold HT 1p V Fold - Towel
66341 ProfiLINE S&S C-Fold HT 1p
66342 ProfiLINE S&S C-Fold HT 1p - Hand Towel
Essity Professional Hygiene Germany GmbH, Germany (11)
C-fold Hand Towel 66331
C-fold Hand Towel natur 80215
Hand Towel ZZ natural 66424
HHT DANKE natur 22848001 Hand Towel
Tork C-fold Hand Towel Universal 120181
Tork Green C-fold Advanced 290280 Hand Towel
Tork Green Singlefold Advanced 290179 Hand Towel
Tork Green Singlefold Hand Towel C&C Universal 290137
Tork Green Singlefold Hand Towel Universal 290135
Tork Matic Green Roll Advanced 290076 Hand Towel
ZZ Towel 66329
Fripa, Germany (11)
Fripa Falthandtücher 100% Recycling
Fripa Falthandtücher C-Falz Eco 100% Recycling
Handtuch ECO
Handtuch Fripa grün 1-lagig
Handtuch Fripa Plus 1-lagig
Handtuch Fripa Plus L 1-lagig
Handtuch Fripa Verde 1-lagig
Handtuch Fripa weiss 2-lagig
Handtuch Neutral Natur 1-lagig
Handtuch PLUS
Handtuchrolle 1-lagig
GVS Großverbraucherspezialisten eG, Germany (1)
Tapira 1lg. natur - Handtowels
Highclean Group eG, Germany (1)
Axisoft Basic Falthandtücher Krepp Z-Falz, 1-lagig 412037
Huchtemeier Papier GmbH, Germany (1)
Huchtemeier RC Krepp - Papierhandtuch
hyPool Handelsgruppe GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
HYPOOL NATURE - Falthandtuch HYPOOL NATURE 412035, 412036
Kurt Müller GmbH, Germany (2)
Profiline 24x22 2lg weiss - Handtuchpapier
TissueLine 24x22 2lg hochweiss - Handtuchpapier
Lübcke Papier GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Papierhandtücher Basic "Plus" 1-lagig
mobiloclean Handelsgruppe GmbH + Co. KG, Germany (1)
Handtuch "PLUS2" weiss 2-lagig
Office Depot Europe B. V., The Netherlands (7)
HIGHMARK - Falthandtuch HIGHMARK GREEN 412083
HIGHMARK WHITE - Toilettenpapier Highmark white Recyling 412062, 412063
NICEDAY - Falthandtuch NICEDAY GREEN 412071, 412081
NICEDAY - Falthandtuch NICEDAY NATURAL 412073, 412079, 412080
NICEDAY NATURAL - Toilettenpapier Niceday Natural Recycling 412060, 412061, 412064
Office Depot Premium - Toilettenpapier Jumbo Premium 412065, 412066
PAPSTAR GmbH, Germany (5)
Papstar grün 25x23 cm 1lg. - handtowels
PAPSTAR Handtuch weiß 2-lagig
Papstar natur 25x23 1lg. - handtowels
Papstar natur 25x31 1lg. - handtowels
Papstar natur 25x50 1lg. - handtowels
SCA Tissue France, France (1)
Tork Xpress Multifold Universal, Artikelnummer (article number) : 150299
Staples Europe B.V., The Netherlands (1)
Standard C-Fold Handtowel 416591
Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG, Germany (1)
TG Economy 25x23 1lg. Natur - Handtowels
Uehlinger AG, Switzerland (1)
Venardo Handtuchpapier hw - handtowels
Weita AG, Switzerland (1)
Venardo Handtuchpapier hw
Wepa Hygieneprodukte GmbH, Germany (5)
WEPA Blue crepe paper - Handtuchpapier blau
WEPA Green crepe paper - Handtuchpapier grün
WEPA Handtuchpapier (C-009) - Handtuchpapier 24x22 2lg hochweiß
WEPA Handtuchpapier (c-182) - Handtuchpapier 24x 22 2lg weiß
WEPA natural (gray) crepe paper - Handtuchpapier natur
WEPA Nederland B.V., The Netherlands (3)
Satino Basic 24x24 and 20,6x24 1lg. Blue - Handtowels
Satino Basic 25x50 1ply - Handtowels
Satino Comfort 25x50 1ply - Handtowels
WEPA Professional GmbH, Germany (12)
Edelweiss HTTP 1lg. Nature - handtowels
Handtuchpapier Profiline 2lg weiss
Profiline 25x31 1lg. natur - handtowels
Profiline 25x50 1lg. natur - handtowels
WEPA Smart 25x23 cm 1lg. grün - Handtowel
WEPA Smart 25x23cm 1lg. blau - handtowel
WEPA Smart 25x23cm 1lg. natur - handtowels
WEPA Smart 25x31 1lg. natur - handtowels
WEPA Smart 25x31 cm 1lg. grün - handtowel
WEPA Smart 25x50 1lg. natur 40 g - handtowels
WEPA smart Handtuchpapier 2lg. high white
WEPA smart Handtuchpapier 2lg. white
Werra Papier Wernshausen GmbH, Germany (13)
ECONOMIC-NATUR Krepp Falthandtuch V-Falz, 1-lagig 412031
Special PAPERNET V-Fold Handtowel 2-lagig, 266 Blatt x 15 Clips, 416642
Special Papernet W-Fold Handtowel, 2-lagig, 20 x 150 Blatt
Special Papernet Z-Fold Handtowel, 2-lagig, 20 x 200 Blatt
Special V-Fold Handtowel 406343
Special V-Fold Handtowel weiß und grün 406342 und 406344
Standard C-Fold Handtowel 416606
Standard Handtowel Centrefeed 416605
Standard Handtowel Roll Autocut 416604
Standard V-Fold Handtowel 416607
Standard V-Fold Handtowel Eco 416608
Standard V-Fold Handtowel Eco grün 416609
Standard W-Fold Handtowel 416614