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Herlitz Hefter und Mappen, verschiedene Ausführungen

Product information of the company:

flat files A4 (different variants)

  • index-printed
  • for top-down and bottom-up filing
  • with the "folded" variant, the flat files are already folded ready for use and the customer no longer has to do this himself before use
  • for the "school flat files" variant (primary and secondary school), the index-print is printed with the most common school subjects according to the school level
  • all flat files are available in various colours

eyelet folder A4

  • 1/2 front cover
  • perforated and with eyelets
  • top-down filing
  • index-printed
  • available in various colours

file folder A4

  • 1/2 front cover
  • wire-spring-mechanism
  • top-down filing
  • index-printed
  • available in assorted colours

3-flap-file A4

  • 3 flaps
  • index-printed
  • available in 4 intense colours

Brand: Herlitz

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