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HECK MW A1 (only permissible with the components listed in the appendix)

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Our most fireproof ETICS

A1-certified thermal insulation composite systems with rock wool insulation panels, mineral reinforcement filler and diverse mineral plaster coating.

HECK Wall Systems has made a breakthrough in preventive fire protection with the HECK MW A1 thermal insulation composite system based on rock wool insulation panels. It is our first approved ETICS with the Euroclass A1 and thus the most fireproof insulation solution for plastered building facades. Not a single advantage of a mineral thermal insulation composite system has to be foregone - on the contrary! Even highly complex fire protection regulations can now be a thing of the past. HECK MW A1 sets new standards in the structural fire protection of ETICS facades. Only if all components used in the system, from the adhesive to the finishing plaster, meet the highest fire protection requirements and all materials have been subjected to the strict test procedures, will certification according to Euroclass A1 take place. Only then is maximum safety guaranteed in the event of a fire.

Brand: HECK

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