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HECK HOLZBAU A2 (only permissible with the components listed in the appendix)

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Non-combustible in timber frame construction

Thermal insulation composite systems with rock wool insulation panels, mineral reinforcement filler and diverse mineral plaster coating.

The most non-combustible ETICS on the classic façade is now also available in timber frame construction. With HECK HOLZBAU A2, HECK transports non-combustibility from solid to timber frame construction. Because HECK HOLZBAU A2 is our first approved, non-flammable composite thermal insulation system for timber frame construction. Against the background of around 70,000 building fires per year in Germany with around 800 dead and around 8,000 seriously injured, preventive fire protection in construction planning and execution is becoming more and more important. The requirements are particularly high in timber frame construction, as special solutions have to be found for wood as a combustible material, especially in the area of multi-storey buildings. Depending on the building class, there are also different requirements for structural fire protection in timber frame construction. But as far as the thermal insulation composite system is concerned, HECK HOLZBAU A2 shows that there is a practical, non-combustible solution for maximum fire protection. This saves theoretical business games with easily and hardly inflammable constructions, because one does not play with fire.

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