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FINETT VARIO is a durable, high-quality flooring. It is easy to install and at the same time easily becomes the center of your room due to its unique character.


Our easy-fix installation allows you an easy and faster replacement of flooring. Furthermore, it also shows that our omission of the classic amount of glue does not affect durability and strength. Because of this, FINETT VARIO is significantly more sustainable than comparable carpet tiles.


FINETT VARIO is also produced in Ettlingen and has also been awarded the Blue Angel. It has a textile back layer made of 100% recycled fibers.

FINETT VARIO is available as recyclable sheet material as well as tile (50 x 50 cm) and plank (100 x 25 cm). Due to its different shapes, it is possible to create unique patterns with other qualities, such as FINETT DIMENSION or also FINETT SOLID modular.

The product is currently not commercially available.



Bulacher Straße 53
76275 Ettlingen
Annett Dienst