ATIKA Leise-Walzenhäcksler Modell ALF 2800

Product information of the company:

The silent shredder ALF 2800 by ATIKA is the ideal garden shredder for your garden. The durable cutting roller gives a powerful and low-noise shredding of woody garden materials, branches and bushes up to a diameter of 45 mm.

  • Integrated, large collecting basket with locking lever and safety cut-out device. The motor only starts if the collecting basket is locked.
  • Automatic drawing-in of branches for relaxed working. The on- / off switch with reverse function for easy removal of jammed material to be shredded without hopper removal.

  • The restart protection, the motor protection switch, the LED operating display and the push stick are also included in the large equipment of the silent schredder.

  • The counter plate can be adjusted directly on the body of the silent shredder.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low noise
  2. high battery quality
  3. low level of harmful materials

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