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Diessner Rapidweiß (Farbton weiß)

Product information of the company:

High-quality interior dispersion paint.
- Water-dilutable
- ELF extra = emissions minimised
     - solvent and plasticizer-free
     - No preservatives
     - Free from fogging-active substances
- Good coverage
- Easy to apply
- Eco-friendly
- Odourless
- Diffusible
- Resistant to damp disinfectants

Intended use
High-quality dispersion paint with excellent application features, especially in the application and distribution of
material. This means that large surfaces can be quickly and effectively painted. The ELF extraproperty makes it
excellent for sensitive residential and commercial areas. Resistant to damp disinfectants. Suitable surfaces
include brickwork, solid plasters, plasterboard, concrete, fibre cement board, ingrain wallpaper, stable old
coatings and similar surfaces.

Allergy information
Diessner Rapidweiß (Rapid White) is produced without preservatives. The white colour of this
product has therefore been certified safe for people with allergies. After tinting, the product no longer meets the
Blue Angel criteria.

Brand: Diessner CleanAir

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