Blue Angel-labelled low-emission thermal insulation material and suspended ceilings.

Thermal insulation material and suspended ceilings are an effective way to save energy and reduce noise in buildings. However, if the products are manufactured from pollutant-containing materials these measures may, in fact, harm the environment. That is why the Blue Angel eco-label may be awarded to those thermal insulation materials and suspended ceilings which beyond the legal provisions have been produced in a low-pollutant manufacturing process and pose no health hazard in the living environment. The Basic Award Criteria include requirements for thermal and sound insulation and define limits for emissions from the products.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. are manufactured by using environmentally less harmful substances and materials
  2. from the health point of view, do not have an adverse impact on the living environment
  3. do not contain any hazardous substances that might well impede waste disposal

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

ABAKUS, Germany (1)
ABAKUS "white light", Deckensystem für Garagen, speziell Großgaragen
DEUTSCHE ROCKWOOL GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Rockfon - Unterdecken Rockfon Akustikdeckenplatten Contour, Eclipse, Facett Brilliant, Facett Elegant, Facett Klassik, Facett Plano, Facett Struktur, Fibral Baffeln, Fibral Farbig, Fibral Kristall, Fibral Polar, Hydroclean, Hygiene Baffeln, Industrie Baffeln, Industriebatts, Pacific, Pagos Galaxie, Pagos Linea, Pagos Oris, Royal, Sonar, Sonar Bas, Sonar Luna, Tropic, Facett Pure (alle bis zu einer Plattenstärke kleiner/gleich 50 mm)
Knauf AMF Deckensysteme Ges m.b.H, Austria (1)
Heradesign fine, Heradesign fine A2, Heradesign superfine, Heradesign superfine A2, Heradesign micro, Heradesign plano
Knauf AMF GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (4)
AMF Topiq
AMF-Thermatex Acoustic Range
Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH, Germany (2)
OWAcoustic®Premium, OWAcoustic®Smart, OWAdeco® entsprechend Anlage
OWAtecta®, OWAconstruct®