TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Historic für die Innendämmung von Fachwerkwänden

Product information of the company:

Half-timbered houses can be insulated – in a natural way

The interior insulation of half-timbered houses is a challenging task. But TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Historic is a tested and functional insulation system, especially designed for half-timbered walls. As a capillary active insulation solution it is able to handle the complex moisture and temperature situations within half-timbered walls. The decisive difference between conventional brick constructions and half-timbered walls is the ability of wood to adapt to the relative moisture of the surrounding air. It is this moisture, which significantly influences shrinking and swelling of the wood. Exposed to weather of all seasons, the wood is permanently changing, thus making it impossible to realise half-timbered facade joints that resist driving rain. This fact has to be taken into account in the evaluation of the whole construction as well as in the necessary regular maintenance measures.


TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Historic by KNAUF AQUAPANEL is a mineral insulation board, tailored to half-timbered buildings. It is hydrophilic, permeable and capillary active and as such takes on all challenges. The TecTem® Historic System is supplemented by the following components: the capillary conductive, flexible TecTem® Clay Basecoat as a compensation for irregularities in half-timbered walls and the TecTem® Clay Adhesive Mortar, which is used for applying the insulation boards. Basecoat and adhesive mortar can also be processed by machine. Felted surfaces can be realised with TecTem® Interior Plaster.


The natural insulation board TecTem® Insulation Board Indoor Historic has been graded as building material class A1/non-combustible. It is hydrophilic, permeable, capillary active, fibre-free and has a pH value of 10, which makes it resistant to mould and mildew. It is an efficient insulation material and a strong moisture buffer. Its water absorption coefficient AW is 105,6 kg/(m2h0,5), whereas its steam diffusion coefficient μ is 5-6. The insulation board is 60 mm thick. 


Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment