MEISTER Parkettboden Collectionen:
MeisterWerke Longlife-Parkett: Longlife-Parkett Classic PC 200, Longlife-Parkett Style PC 400, Longlife-Parkett Classic PD 150, Longlife-Parkett Classic PD 200, Longlife-Parkett Cottage PD 400, Longlife-Parkett Penta PD 450, Longlife-Parkett Penta 550, Longlife-Parkett Style PQ 500, Longlife-Parkett Residence PS 500, Longlife-Parkett Residence PS 400, Longlife-Parkett Residence PS 300, PD 250

Currently there are no detailed product information provided by company.

Benefits to the Environment and Health

  1. low emissions and pollutants
  2. wood from sustainable forestry
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment