Environmentally Friendly Elastic Floor Coverings

Improved home quality thanks to environmentally safe floorings?
Healthy living is a trend and the Blue Angel has a clear focus when assessing the health effects of products used in indoor spaces in particular. Blue Angel-labelled elastic floor coverings, such as, for example, rubber or cork floorings, emit very few pollutants to the indoor air of children’s rooms, bedrooms and other rooms and, thus, do not affect the health of the inhabitants. The floor coverings are best laid by use of adhesives also carrying the Blue Angel eco-label.

List of Recognised Testing Institutes for the Detection of Emissions of Formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds for Award of the Environmental Label.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. environmentally friendly manufactured
  2. no health concern for the indoor living environment
  3. does not contain any pollutants that may interfere with product recycling

Product preview

Amorim Revestimentos, S.A., Portugal (4)
CORKLIFE CORKPARQUET Korkboden zur vollflächigen Verklebung / Cork Flooring Glue Down Dicke: 4 mm und 6 mm
Cortex CORKNATURA Korkboden zur vollflächigen Verklebung / Cork Flooring Glue Down Dicke: 4 mm und 6 mm
ipocork PureCork Korkboden zur vollflächigen Verklebung / Cork Flooring Glue Down Dicke: 4 mm und 6 mm
Wicanders Corkcomfort Korkboden zur vollflächigen Verklebung / Cork Flooring Glue Down Dicke: 4 mm und 6 mm
Amtico International, Great Britain (1)
Amtico Cirro Fliesen zum Kleben, verschiedene Größen gemäß Antrag
Artigo Spa - Mondo Group, Italy (6)
Artigo Plansystem KAYAR/ND-UNI
BAHAG AG, Germany (1)
b!design AQUA blue, b!design Vario
Classen Holz Kontor GmbH, Germany (2)
CLASSEN Fußbodenbeläge NEO Stone, NEO Wood, NEO XXL, Design Flooring:NEO Stone, 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO Stone 11, NEO Stone 13, NEO Stone 14, NEO Stone 16 bis 19. NEO Wood, 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO Wood 11 bis 16, NEO Wood 21 bis 23, NEO Wood 29, NEO Wood 31 bis 36, NEO Wood 41 bis 43, NEO Wood 51 bis 53, NEO Wood 63. NEO Wood (Zusatzdekore Ele-Bau) 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO Wood 17, NEO Wood 19, NEO Wood 24. NEO XXL, 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO XXL 11 bis 13, NEO XXL 21 bis 23. Design Flooring, 4 mm, Typen: Design Flooring Oak Snow, Design Flooring Oak Nature, Design Flooring Oak Honey, Design Flooring Oak Brown.
Neo 2.0 Prime, Neo 2.0 Wood, Neo 2.0 Stone, Neo 2.0 XXL, Sono Forest, Sono Landscape, Sono Skyline, Designboden Standard, Designboden Click Standard, Designboden Click Fliese, Designflooring 3,2, Designflooring 4,0, Ceramin Vario, Elements, Neo 2.0 Vario
DLW Flooring GmbH, Germany (4)
DLW Linoleum Bodenbeläge, Linoleum Acoustic Typen, Colorette Acoustic, Granette Acoustic, Linorette Acoustic, Marmorette Acoustic, Uni Walton Accoustic
DLW Linoleum Bodenbeläge, Linoleum LPX und Sport Typen Colorette, Granette, Japé, Lino Art Alumino, Lino Art Bronce, Lino Art Firmament, Lino Art Nature, Lino Art Star, Linoeco, Linorette, Marmorette, Marmorette Sport, Moiré, Super Moiré, Uni Walton, Linodur Sport, Linovation Sport, Nature Sport, Colorette Sport
DLW Linoleum Bodenbeläge, Linoleum PUR Typen, Colorette PUR, Granette PUR, Lino Art Nature PUR, Linorette PUR, Marmorette PUR, Uni Walton PUR
Naturecore Luxury Linoleum
Forbo Flooring GmbH, Germany (1)
forbo Linoleum-Bodenbeläge Marmoleum, Marmoleum Impressa, Artoleum, Walton, Linoflex; Linoleum-Fliesen; Sportlinoleum; Decibel; Acoustic; Touch; Corklinoleum. Verschiedene Designs und Stärken
Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (4)
DISANO Bravo by Haro Designboden
DISANO by HARO DISANO Saphir mit leimlosen Verbindungssystem, Dicke: 4,5 mm
DISANO Neptun by HARO Designboden
DISANO Pro by HARO Designboden
Holz Richter GmbH, Germany (1)
Designboden HoRi 4,5 mm Typen Designboden Country Eiche, Burgeiche (braun, weiss, grau), Lärche Vintage (braun, grau)
Li&Co AG, Switzerland (1)
Micodur Bodenbelag, Dicke: 7,5 mm, diverse Dekore
Mondo Floorings (China) Co., Ltd., China (3)
Mondo Fibra/One
Mondo Futura HD
Mondo Punti/Grain
nora systems GmbH, Germany (3)
norament 926 Designvarianten uni, grano, strada, lago, serra, crossline, satura, arago
noraplan 913 Designvarianten stone, sentica, classic, logic, astro, mega, plus, effect, grip, signa / environcare, vario, switch, viva, degree, unita, whispering grass, eco, valua und lona
noraplan 916 Designvarianten uni, whispering grass
Tarkett Holding GmbH, Germany (3)
iQ One, Farben gemäß Antrag
Linoleum Bodenbeläge Allegro xf, Etrusco xf2, Linosport Classic, Linosport xf2,Linoleum xf2 Bfl 2,5 mm, Linoleum xf2 SD, Sicuro xf2, Style Elle xf2, Style Emme xf2, Veneto Sicuro xf2, Veneto xf2, Etrusco Silencio xf2, Veneto Acoustic Cork xf2, Style Emme Acoustic Cork xf2, Style Elle Silencio xf2, Style Emme Silencio xf2 und Veneto Silencio xf2
Linoleum Bodenbeläge Essenza, Veneto Essenza, Veneto Acoustic Essenza
Teppich Kibek GmbH, Germany (1)
Green Balance (gemäß Anhang)
Upofloor Oy, Finland (1)
Upofloor Zero, Upofloor Zero Fliesen und Upofloor Xpression
Vorwerk & Co, Germany (1)
RE/COVER green + parts
Windmöller GmbH, Germany (2)
PURline eco und PURline elements
PURLINE Varianten zum Kleben und Klicken