Construction and Heating

Whether you are dealing with construction work or simply renovating – the Blue Angel helps you to make the right decisions when selecting healthy and environmentally-compatible materials.

Environmentally-friendly painting

Germany is becoming increasingly colourful: Over 2.04 million tonnes of coatings and paints were produced in 2010 and a significant proportion of these products were applied by DIY enthusiasts. Wall paints and coatings can contain alarming amounts of solvents, softening agents and formaldehyde. The use of low emission and low pollutant products enables you to reduce any possible health risks to a minimum.

Healthy indoor climate

The Blue Angel ecolabel also identifies low emission construction products such as wood panels or floor coverings. These products can contain harmful substances that outgas over the course of time. Therefore, the Blue Angel tests for these substances in emission testing chambers and evaluates the products according to uniform and reliable health criteria.

Good insulation delivers a double saving

Thermal insulation materials and suspended ceilings in buildings save energy and reduce noise. However, it is necessary to proceed carefully in these areas. These measures can also place a significant burden on the environment if the products are manufactured out of materials containing harmful substances. The Blue Angel identifies low emission thermal insulation materials and suspended ceilings that go above and beyond the legal regulations, exhibit low emissions of harmful substances and are harmless to people's health.


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