Business and Municipality

In addition to typical consumer products, the Blue Angel also offers environmentally-friendly alternatives for small trades, large consumers and public authorities. From car sharing through to telephone systems – the diverse range of products and services awarded with Blue Angel environmental labels is simply unique.

Construction sites and local authority vehicles are becoming quieter and cleaner

Noise emissions from construction sites or local authority vehicles are often considered very loud and disturbing. In order to protect workers and residents, it is important to operate equipment with low noise and low exhaust emissions. Therefore, the Blue Angel sets limits for the permissible sound pressure levels and exhaust emission levels.

Resource and eco-friendly services

Servers and data centres use more than 9.1 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity per year and this figure is increasing every year. The Blue Angel offers those responsible for public procurement or companies reliable help in the selection of environmental criteria for invitations to tender for external data centre services.


The environmental label for eco-friendly ship design is intended for shipping companies, shipyards and ship operators planning to construct a new ship. It is important to implement as many environmental innovations as possible during the design stage for the ship in order to utilise the potential for protecting the environment. The environmental label for ship operation is designed to promote the implementation of environmentally-friendly measures in the operation of already existing ships.