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Did you know that there is also a more sustainable option for stationery?

Thema Schreibwaren
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Especially with these things, which are usually produced and used in particularly large numbers, sustainability should definitely be kept in mind - and recycled paper should be preferred. When comparing systems from an ecological point of view, paper products made from recycled paper perform much better in terms of resource consumption, waste water pollution, water and energy consumption than paper products with a predominantly primary fibre content. Compared to conventional virgin fibre paper, the production of recycled paper saves*:

  • … 60 percent of energy
  • … 70 percent of water
  • … 100 percent of tree
*(For average values, see the brochure "Papier – Wald und Klima schützen")

By the way, recycled paper with the Blue Angel eco-label guarantees that it is made from 100 percent waste paper. Chemicals such as chlorine, halogenated bleaching agents and poorly biodegradable complex binders must not be used. The recyclability of the paper fibres contained in the finished products is made possible by using suitable inks, varnishes and adhesives and applying these at a high level.

Products for office and school use such as exercise books, office calendars, notepads, envelopes and wrapping paper can be found on the Blue Angel website.