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The Blue Angel and Globus Baumarkt on tour together

PM Globus

We will also take the opportunity to inform them about the low-emission and low-pollutant building products certified with the Blue Angel that maintain a healthy home and ensure environmentally friendly construction and living.
It is often not possible to find information on the product’s impact on the environment and your own health, as well as on any social aspects, on the product itself. For example, was the product produced in an environmentally friendly manner, were hazardous substances avoided in the production of the product and is the product easy to recycle?
This is precisely where the Blue Angel can provide assistance to consumers by making the invisible visible.

Globus Baumarkt and the Blue Angel invite you to join us on the following busy Saturdays in May and June:

  • Sat. 06/05/2023 (CW 18), Berlin Lindenberg
  • Sat. 13/05/2023 (CW 19), Leipzig Markkleeberg-Wachau  
  • Sat. 20/05/2023 (CW 20), Berlin Lichtenberg  
  • Sat. 27/05/2023 (CW 21), Berlin Treptow  
  • Sat. 03/06/2023 (CW 22), Friedberg  
  • Sat. 10/06/2023 (CW 23), Hofheim am Taunus 
  • Sat. 17/06/2023 (CW 24), Dietzenbach  
  • Sat. 24/06/2023 (CW 25), Rüsselsheim 

Building products such as wall paints, varnishes and floor coverings are used to cover large surfaces indoors. Therefore, it is important that these products have low emissions and are also not harmful to human health in other ways.  Every time we purchase a product or service, we also directly or indirectly decide on the negative impact it will have on the climate, water, soil, air or our own health. To ensure that consumers can also take environmental aspects into account in their purchasing decisions, they need reliable information on the effects that a product will have on the environment and human health.
The Blue Angel certifies the following groups of building products: