Paper sample book Office papers (i.e. classic copying and multifunctional papers)

Büropapiere Musterbuch
If you need assistance in choosing the right Blue Angel office paper, the paper sample book will help you by providing a comprehensive overview of the Blue Angel certified office papers available in Germany.

Paper sample book Office papers

  • Papers certified according to DE-UZ 14a Graphic papers and cardboard made from 100% recovered paper (recycled paper and cardboard)

  • Extensive selection of office papers from various suppliers (manufacturers and retailers)

  • Papers in DIN A4 format with a grammage of 80 g/m²

  • Representation of the different degrees of whiteness (ISO 60 -100)

  • Information on whiteness, grammage, opacity, thickness, manufacturer information, other availabilities (e.g. DIN A3, coloured papers, other grammages)