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Environmentally Friendly Replacement Catalytic Converters (DE-UZ 184)

Catalytic converters are used to reduce harmful exhaust emissions from combustion engines in motor vehicles.
These catalytic converters need to be replaced in the event of a defect. The Blue Angel Environmental Label can be issued to these replacement catalytic converters (Rep-Cat) if the products guarantee sufficiently low emissions and remain fully functional in the long term. Therefore, Rep-Cats are subjected to an artificial ageing process and then tested again. In addition, there is a determination of the precious metals content.
Due to varying quality in the production process, regular monitoring of the products in the form of yearly follow-up tests is prescribed within the award process for the Blue Angel Environmental Label.
Synthetic mineral fibres (also known as Man Made Mineral Fibres) with biopersistent characteristics can be used in the production of support mats for catalytic converters. Therefore, criteria are prescribed for the reduction of negative effects on health.