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Environmentally Friendly Laundry detergent (DE-UZ 202)

laundry detergents

Washing and cleaning agents are used on a daily basis for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Approx. 1.5 million tonnes of these washing, cleaning and care agents are sold each year, whereby laundry detergents account for around 604,000 tonnes.  
Their ingredients can find their way into the wastewater system via the washing or rinsing water and pollute bodies of water later on if these ingredients cannot be completely retained or degraded in sewage treatment plants. In addition, laundry detergents and cleaning agents can contain substances relevant to health e.g. certain preservatives or allergenic fragrances. The Blue Angel either prohibits the use of these substances in the first place or, if there is no other alternative, reduces their use to a minimum.  

An important component of detergents are surfactants. These can be manufactured based on petrochemicals and/or renewable raw materials. The use of sustainably produced raw materials makes a significant contribution here to sustainable development. Detergents certified with the Blue Angel ecolabel should thus make a contribution to the protection of the environment by using renewable raw materials in their production that have been cultivated as far as possible under sustainable conditions or which support sustainable cultivation.

  • Respekt Vollwaschmittel

    Respekt Vollwaschmittel

    EUCO GmbH
  • Benefits to Environment and Health

    1. Maximum avoidance of substances harmful to health and environment
    2. Promotion of sustainable production of renewable raw materials
    3. Reduction of packaging waste