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Event catering and canteen operation (DE-UZ 229)

Climate-friendly eating and sustainable dining

Almost everyone eats food outside the home at times - many people eat in staff canteens or university cafeterias, for example. Both in the professional and private sphere, food and drinks are ordered on particular occasions. This can now also be done in an environmentally friendly way. Not only the food and drinks are more environmentally friendly, but also the way meals are prepared. Waste must also be avoided and there are certain requirements for kitchen equipment. The stipulated requirements not only aim to protect the climate, but also to protect natural resources.

The ecological goals are complemented by social aspects in the entire value chain through the required use of fair trade food as well as labour regulations in the canteen or catering company. Furthermore, the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society must be observed, as health aspects are central to sustainable nutrition. The Blue Angel provides consumers and public procurers with reliable guidance for sustainable food consumption.

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