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Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Broschüren, Magazine, Kataloge, Prospekte, Werbebeilagen, Flyer, Bedienungsanleitungen, Aufbauanleitungen, Poster, Plakate, Displays aus Karton, Jahresberichte, bedruckte Postkarten, bedruckte Briefumschläge, bedruckte Versandtaschen, dekorative Kalender, Faltblätter, Loseblattsammlungen • Format: DIN A6 - DIN A1 • 1-400 Seiten • Lose, Klammerheftung, Klebebindung • Bogenoffsetdruck

Product information of the company:

We have been perfecting our printing craft since 1893. We know from experience that print products should always be outstanding in order to have a lasting effect. For us, they not only have a lasting effect, they are sustainable. In order for environmentally friendly print products to be produced and accepted in all areas, they must also look outstanding. We have specialized in this:

We have developed special proofing options so that colors appear powerful and are printed optimally even with 100% recycled paper.

Instead of varnishes and foils, you can alternatively use folding, embossing and punching for both print finishes.

Sometimes a print product needs fresh fiber paper so that imagery works and fine details can be expressed. Here we have the opportunity to use FSC-certified materials and offset emissions.

With us, your idea and your print are in the best hands!

The product is currently not commercially available.

Brand: Langebartels & Jürgens

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Langebartels & Jürgens

Wördemanns Weg 58
22527 Hamburg
Janine Böhrk