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Digital Printing with the Blue Angel

Printing is now even more environmentally friendly! In comparison to offset printing, eco-friendly digital printing avoids the use of aluminum, mineral oil-based inks, solvents, and IPA alcohols. Additionally, digital printing significantly reduces waste compared to offset printing, where many sheets of makeready are often required per print form, or multiple sheets are printed for post-print-processing.

Digital printing means achieving the highest print quality in the shortest time, producing exactly the needed quantity. This saves resources, time, and benefits the environment. Our digital printing systems do not use toxic toners and inks; there is no need for cleaning chemicals, chemistry, or alcohol additives in the printing press dampening solution. Moreover, a digital printing machine requires only a fraction of the energy for printing compared to a conventional offset printing machine.

High-quality printing entails spectrophotometrically measured print profiles that easily meet the FOGRA standard, vibrant colors on various recycled papers, and excellent deinkability in the recycling process.

How can you benefit from this? It is finally possible to print a variety of products and brochures, even in small quantities, in an environmentally friendly manner with Blue Angel certification for digital printing.

We offer numerous recycled papers certified with the Blue Angel for digital printing. This allows for black and white as well as color digital prints in various sizes and finishes. We can also produce brochures with environmentally friendly PUR adhesive bindings, certified of course. Stapling and wire-O bindings are also possible.

Producing sustainably printed reports, brochures, budget plans, and all business stationery and advertising can be done in an environmentally conscious manner. Please note that while certain printed materials like letterheads and packaging can be produced in compliance with the Blue Angel, it may not be depicted on some products.

Feel free to contact us personally if you have any questions about the production of your digital prints that should be certified with the Blue Angel. We are happy to assist you. GmbH & Co.KG Peter Salewski – +49 6162 6554


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