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WINI Büromöbel Acoustic systems; surfaces: fabric cover; WINEA X

Product information of the company:

Versatile, modular, flexible and very colourful: The panel system WINEA X (design by Uwe Sommerlade) is the contemporary design solution for acoustic and visual protection in the office. The WINEA X panels are made of fabric covered carrier plates which can be quickly and easily linked and connected with its characteristic X-connectors. The panels can be easily connected in a straight row. However, they may be linked at individually chosen angular positions as well. Apart from freestanding panels the modular systems offers user movable panels for desks and cabinets and panels which can be suspended from the ceiling. With its wide choice from fabrics WINEA X creates a lively room atmosphere and brings an easy elegance and a stylish touch to your office.

Design details/options:
metal foot, plastic foot, square and round panel feet for user movable panels on desktop/cabinet, adapters for connecting panels to desk/cabinet, suspension kit for hanging panels

Brand: WINI Büromöbel

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WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co.KG

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