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wineo Sound Reduct Layer SRL gemäß Anhang

Product information of the company:

Underlay mats made of bio-polyurethane are health- and environmentally friendly, durable and quiet. Even heavy furniture does not leave a lasting impression in the material. In addition, the heat is well let through. This quickly heats up the flooring and the entire room. In combination with laminate, parquet or elastic floorings, walking and impact noise are permanently reduced,
so that the well-being is increased and a pleasant living climate is achieved.

PU underlay mats from wineo

•    Fast, energy-efficient distribution of soil heat
•    Excellent noise reduction on hard and soft floors
•    Long-life performance of at least 30 years
•    Resetting behavior almost 100%.
•    Sustainable raw materials
•    Without addition of chlorine, without plasticizers and without solvents
•    Certified sustainability: Blauer Engel and Cradle to Cradle®

Brand: Wineo

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