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Westag Türelement und Holzzarge PortaLit / Laminit, Oberfläche: Melaminharzbeschichtung CPL

Product information of the company:

Doors that can withstand anything!

Doctors’ surgeries, hotels and playgroups also benefit from the practical features of our versatile products. PortaLit® CPL doors can easily withstand scratches, knocks, stains, light, steam, and even cigarette burns and household chemicals.

This is down to our special CPL procedure, during which the PVC foil surface is exposed to particularly high pressure. This results in a DIN-approved, typical, non-porous and particularly durable CPL surface. There is a PortaLit® CPL door to suit every lifestyle – from brilliant single-colour decors to natural-looking wood reproductions.

Brand: Westag

Westag AG

Hellweg 15
33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück