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Advertising supplements, leaflets, flyers, catalogues, magazines, brochures, newspaper inserts • size DIN A 5 - DIN A 2 • 2 - 64 pages • fold gluing, saddle stitching

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The Sattler Media Press GmbH is a Europe-wide operating company in the field of print media and a part of the Sattler Media Group.

As a large company, we strive to fulfill our responsibility towards future generations and produce in harmony with the environment. Environmental protection is considered an essential aspect of our daily operations, and we are constantly striving to produce with minimal emissions, energy efficiency, and resource conservation.

The Blue Angel, along with other certifications, is an important part of our sustainability strategy.


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Sattler Media Press GmbH

Kurt-Sattler-Str. 9
38315 Hornburg