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TIFFIN LOOP - Reusable system with stainless steel containers (bowl and cup)

Product information of the company:

Put an end to plastic waste – bring on reusable packaging solutions.

We want food to go to be free from single use packaging waste, especially plastic waste. That’s why Tiffin Loop provides a simple and sustainable reusable system for takeaway for restaurants and consumers, that doesn’t incur any extra costs and at the same time offers high-quality packaging for takeaway menus. The idea for Tiffin Loop came from a mundane circumstance that we all know: You order or pick up food to go and, in addition to the plastic bag, you also get several containers made of plastic and styrofoam. It often takes no longer than 30 minutes for these to end up in the rubbish bin or litter the parks in the cities. Only a fraction of them are actually recycled and the rest end up in nature and the oceans. With plastic-free stainless steel containers (Tiffins) and the Tiffin Loop App or Card, we provide restaurants and consumers a stress-free, safe and uncomplicated circulatory system (Loop). Tiffin Loop is the first provider of a plastic free reusable takeaway solution in Germany.


In 2015, “The Tiffin Project” was founded by Mustafa Demirtas in Berlin. Launched as an independent company in 2021, Tiffin Loop currently has 30 partner eateries nationwide. Gastronomies and guests can use the system via the free Tiffin Loop app. Containers borrowed by customers can be returned at any Tiffin Loop partner eatery. This creates a flexible circulatory system.


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