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tesa Insect Stop Clip-on Screen for Windows

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Introducing the tesa® Insect Stop clip-on frame: a long-lasting mosquito net with a custom-fit. To install, measure the window, cut to size, clamp the insect mesh, trim any excess, place the clips around the window frame, then simply clip it in!


Designed for convenience, the clip-on frame can be easily removed during the cooler months or when window cleaning. Unlike insect nets with hook&loop systems, it can withstand wear and tear and be easily reattached after.


The self-adhesive holding clips need approximately 8 mm of space on the window frame. To check whether the clip-on frame is the right match for your window, place a pencil on the lower part of the frame. If you can easily close the window, it means that the clip-on frame is the perfect-fit for your window. Now imagine enjoying a cool breeze on a hot summer's day without any unwelcome guests turning up in your home thanks to the tesa® Insect Stop clip-on frame.

The product is currently not commercially available.

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