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TECTROL Terra Sägekettenöl blue

Product information of the company:

Saw chain oil based on plant oils, quickly biodegradable

TECTROL TERRA SÄGEKETTENÖL BLUE is a quickly biodegradable saw chain adhesive oil based on native plant oils and adhesion enhancers for professional use in chainsaws.

TECTROL TERRA SÄGEKETTENÖL BLUE complies with the guidelines for “Chain lubricants for chain saws“ published by the German federal environmental agency and was awarded the ecolabel “Blue Angel“.

TECTROL TERRA SÄGEKETTENÖL BLUE can be used in environmentally sensitive areas such as water protection zones, forests, etc.

TECTROL TERRA SÄGEKETTENÖL BLUE can be mixed with conventional saw chain oils. No special measures must be observed for the conversion from mineral saw chain oils to TECTROL TERRA SÄGEKETTENÖL BLUE. When using saw chain oils based on rapeseed oil, we recommend cleaning chain and bar thoroughly after use. Reason: All products based on plant oils have a tendency to gum when exposed to oxygen and light. This problem arises in particular, if the chain saw is rarely used.


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