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Schiedel KINGFIRE KANTO SC-BE; stove with automatic air regulation "INflame! Fire", integrated catalyst and electrostatic particle separator "ePuro".

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- The environmentally friendly corner solution consisting of stove and chimney


With the new KANTO SC, Schiedel, the European market leader in chimney and flue gas systems, is expanding its successful KINGFIRE stove range to include a corner variant. While the renowned Schiedel stove models already offer very good flue gas and energy values, the focus on sustainability, the environment and increased efficiency has been further strengthened in the development of the KANTO SC. In addition, the space-saving corner stove system with a sliding door made of special glass allows many design options and an excellent view of the fire. With its market launch, the KANTO SC was also honoured with the "RED DOT AWARD 2023 best innovative product" in addition to the "RED DOT AWARD 2023".

Stove and chimney = one

The innovative and proven stove/flue gas principle of the KINGFIRE family has also been consistently continued with the KANTO SC. Compact, with a footprint of just 55 x 55 cm, the stove and chimney are combined in one complete component. The external dimensions in the storeys above are only 36 x 50 cm. This means that no additional valuable living space is required and up to 1 m² of space can be saved thanks to the directly attached Schiedel ABSOLUT chimney. 


Another space-saving factor: thanks to the integrated rear insulation in the concrete shaft of the stove module, the distance between the wood-burning stove and combustible components is 0 mm. This means that the wood-burning stove can be placed directly next to combustible wooden walls, for example, if these do not exceed a thickness of 500 mm.




The sophisticated stove/flue gas system chimney system is ideal for modern, energy-efficient house construction, as it supplies the KANTO SC, which is operated independently of the room air, with the necessary combustion air from outside via its own insulated air shaft. This means that the KINGFIRE model can easily be operated together with controlled domestic ventilation. 




Both systems, ABSOLUT and KINGFIRE, have been tested for harmful substances by the Sentinel Haus Institut and recommended as "healthy for living". 


Optimum system solution

Installation is extremely simple: pre-assembled, the Schiedel KINGFIRE module floats by crane to the intended location in the house during the shell construction phase. There it is firmly anchored to the unfinished floor or the floor slab. The other chimney elements, which are prefabricated at the factory and up to 6 metres long, are placed on the stove module immediately or, depending on the construction progress, by crane and securely connected to each other. 


Easy Lift corner sliding door

The two-sided KINGFIRE KANTO SC is characterised by its sliding corner firebox door. The innovative sliding door with the Easy Lift function detaches from the stove body with little pressure and almost silently and disappears discreetly behind the design panelling when opened. The door is self-closing and has a buffer function that optimally dampens the mechanism. The sliding mechanism has been designed to ensure an absolutely tight air seal in order to guarantee room air independence. The advantage of the sliding door during normal operation is that no additional space is required for a swivelling radius into the living area and the ash remains in the combustion chamber when refilling. Another ingenious feature is the integrated door function, which makes it easy to clean the inside of the firebox glass from the outside.


Design in a double pack

With two freely selectable design variants, the KINGFIRE KANTO SC can be perfectly adapted to the installation room and the spatial conditions. If you are looking for a space-saving design for the heat source, the PLANO variant is ideal. Without any protruding design elements, the KANTO SC fits into (almost) any room situation and remains discreetly in the background until its flames attract attention. The PODIO version allows itself to take up a little more space. The tasteful panelling gives the KANTO SC more character, with the stove table serving as a design statement. Placement as a "hot" room divider is the obvious choice. 


Enjoy a smart fire

With the INflame! electronic combustion control system, Schiedel increases both the efficiency and convenience of its KINGFIRE SC models. Based on the combustion temperature, the optional additional tool automatically regulates the entire combustion process: from ignition to combustion, the optimum supply of combustion air is ensured. The controlled combustion process means that the wood burns more efficiently, which offers a noticeable increase in environmental protection and at the same time higher fuel utilisation with lower emissions and maximum efficiency. For more convenient operation, Schiedel offers a smart solution with the app of the same name in the well-known app stores for Android and iOS devices. 




With the INflame! combustion control system, Schiedel fulfils the strictest regulations for city centre locations in many large cities. The "fire" evening can begin: Put on the wood, light it, enjoy. 


Blue Angel - Increased sustainability

In addition, the CO2-neutral wood-burning stove system can be made even more sustainable. Schiedel offers an electrostatic particle separator to minimise fine dust particles and an integrated catalytic converter to reduce emissions. Both take the KANTO SC to a corresponding Blue Angel product level.


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