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rose plastic PCR protective packaging

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Protective packaging made of recycled material from rose plastic: packaging tubes, boxes, cases as well as a wide range of accessories


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Packaging made from recycled material

In line with the circular economy concept, we at rose plastic rely on the use of recycled material. The use of recyclate for the production of packaging material reduces the use of fossil raw materials and at the same time lowers energy requirements.


100 % Recycled

High-quality recycling turns used plastic into a high-quality raw material. This is essentially plastic

waste from private households, collected in many ways depending on where you live. It is then separated from other materials, sorted by size and type of plastic, and then ground, washed, melted, filtered, and re-granulated and then converted into valuable new materials.

The recycled plastic is just as robust as new plastic! This means that our recycled packaging protects your products just as reliably as a comparable solution made of regular plastic. 


Printing and color

Our packaging made from recycled material gives you a wide range of creative design options. We offer exactly the same printing solutions as for our virgin-material products.

The fact that our packaging made from recycled material is gray is not a shortcoming. Rather, it shows that for us, sustainability really is a priority. But even if we think that gray always looks good, our recycled packaging is also available in selected colors. We would also be happy to work with you to realize your individual packaging idea.



Advantages of using recycled material for the environment

- The reprocessing and reuse of plastics that have already been used reduces the use of raw
  materials and lowers energy requirements in the process.

- CO2 emissions are saved by reusing reprocessed plastic granulate.

- helps to reduce the amount of waste

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