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ROLF BENZ Polstermöbel ohne Fleckschutz und ohne schwerentflammbarer Ausrüstung

Product information of the company:

The upholstery company Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG is one of the pioneers of German design culture. Rolf Benz AG has around 450 employees and manufactures its sought-after upholstered furniture itself very close to the company headquarters. The frames are manufactured in-house in Pfalzgrafenweiler. Storage, cutting, stitching, pre-upholstery and upholstery are all based in Mötzingen. Only a very small number of providers can demonstrate such continuous in-house production in Germany. In 2011, the new brand freistil ROLF BENZ was found for unconventional, creative consumers.


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Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG

Haiterbacher Straße 104
72202 Nagold
Helge Gemsjaeger